TLC Holyland Tours General Terms and Conditions

Israel: the Trip of a Lifetime

TOUR PRICE is per person based on double occupancy. Flights are economy class. Single rooms are subject to availability with an additional charge. (If a passenger cannot supply a roommate and TLC Holyland Tours, LLC is unable to do so, or the roommate cancels before departure, the passenger will have to pay the supplemental charge. Passenger may be billed after the final payment due date for single room accommodations as necessary.)

TIPS are not included in the Tour Price and will be included on the final billing.

AIRPORT DEPARTURE TAX AND FUEL SURCHARGES are not included in the Tour Price and will be included on the final billing. Occasionally airlines will charge extra for fuel surcharges. If the change is substantial, TLC Holyland Tours reserves the right to increase the price of the tour.

RESERVATION requires a $500 per person deposit and completed registration form. Reservations received inside of 91 days before departures are considered late and full payment will be due with reservation; plus $150 late penalties are due.

PAYMENT, if registering on-line, allows the deposit to be made via PayPal (with your credit card). Payments by check should be payable to TLC Holyland Tours. The “due in full date” is as indicated in brochure. Reservations not paid in full by the due date are subject to cancellation. If not paid in full by the due date, a $50 per passenger per month fee will be incurred. If installments are preferred, a suggested installment plan is on this tour’s information page at Paymentby an individual or for an individual affirms your agreement to these terms and conditions.

CANCELLATION must be in written form. If cancelling:

$175 is non-refundablefor any reason up to 91 days before departure:    

$275 is non-refundableif cancelling 90 – 75 days before departure

25% of tour cost is non-refundable if 74 – 46 days before departure

50% of tour cost is non-refundableif 45 – 31 days before departure

No refund is given if cancelling 30 days or less before departure

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS require you to be in good health – able to climb stairs and ascending grades without assistance; walk up to 3+ miles daily at a moderate pace on uneven terrain, and able to transport your own luggage. No vaccinations are required.

TRANSPORTATION is by modern air-conditioned motor coach and by jet, economy class seating. Upgrades and associated costs are the sole responsibility of the passenger after ticketing.

DEVIATION from the group itinerary is not allowed.


DOMESTIC FLIGHTS, if not specifically included in the tour package, are the responsibility of the participant, to and from the international departure airport. Understand that international flight times can change. (If domestic travel is booked more than 60 days in advance of departure date you are encouraged to purchase a flexible ticket which allows for no charge or minimal charge for flight changes.) Arrive at the airport of international departure 3½ – 4 hours before flight departure time. TLC Holyland Tours is not responsible for changes to the flight schedule.

For passengers making personal reservations for flights to connect to the group at any point in the journey, TLC Holyland Tours requires the passenger to use the airline being used by that group if a domestic ticket is included on the group’s package. (If using the airline used for that group, the airline will more likely be willing to assist the passenger if difficulties with scheduling arise.) If there is no domestic flight included in the tour package, passengers may use their airline of choice. Passengers must read brochures carefully before obtaining flights to allow adequate time for connections in case of unforeseen delay. TLC Holyland Tours will not be available to assist, in any way, with personal reservations.

PASSPORT must be valid for up to six months after arrival date in Israel, as required by Israeli law. Passport cards are not acceptable. A scan of photo page should be sent to as soon as possible.

INSURANCE: Proof ofmedical insurance is required. Scan front and back of health insurance card and submit it with your passport scan. (Most US medical policies do not give coverage outside the USA.)

FOR YOUR PROTECTION TRAVEL INSURANCE IS REQUIRED: Acting only as agents for suppliers, TLC Holyland Tours, LLC is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of luggage and/or personal belongings, or for personal injury, accident and/or illness. For your own protection, it is important you have adequate insurance to cover these possibilities. You should carry proof of insurance in the event you need medical attention while in Israel. For our passengers convenience, additional information and application forms may be viewed on our website. It is the responsibility of the traveler to select a provider (there are hundreds) and a plan. TLC is not responsible if you cancel your trip and choose not to use the insurance purchased. No refund will come from TLC Holyland Tours concerning any purchased insurance. Proof of travel insurance purchase must be sent to TLC Holyland Tours by final payment due date.

IMAGE AND SOUND RELEASE permission is considered given for photography, audio and video recording, for all persons submitting a reservation & releases TLC Holyland Tours from liability, restrictions, conditions or compensation of any kind for obtaining and using these images and sounds in future promotional materials.

TOUR OPERATOR RESPONSIBILITY – TLC Holyland Tours, LLC (Tour Operator) agrees to arrange for the tour described in the brochure. This represents the entire agreement between the passenger and his agent, the Tour Host, the Tour Operator and its agents. Except as stated herein, no person is authorized to cancel, modify or vary the tour arrangements or to make any representation of warranty concerning the tour. Except for the willful negligence of its direct employees, the Tour Operator assumes no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages occasioned by circumstances beyond the control of Tour Operator, or by any person for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to default or omission of and by any third party providing services or facilities related to or included in this tour or any part thereof, or in arranging for the same, or the acts or omissions of the Tour Host. Due to circumstances beyond the Tour Operator’s control, the sequence of touring sites may occasionally need to be altered. The airlines or cruise lines are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not on board planes, ships or conveyances. The passenger contracts in use by the airlines and cruise lines, and the passenger or purchaser of this tour and/or passage and Tour Operator assume no liability or responsibility in connection therewith. Also, the Tour Operator WILL NOT BE responsible for; (a) flight schedule changes, mechanical breakdowns, government actions, weather, acts of God, acts of war or aggression, whether declared or undeclared, hijackings, or other circumstances beyond its control, including any connecting flights that may be missed as a result thereof (participants should consider the possibility of delays when arranging connecting flights), (b) the failure to follow instructions, including but not limited to check-in and check-out times and baggage handling, and, (c) charges incurred relating to single room/stateroom requirements either by the passengers themselves or their assigned roommates. Payment of the deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions listed in this brochure. 

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